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It was the only opportunity we would have for a proper second date before he left for home.

I had plans so it appeared we would have to wait for his return to the city for date number two.

But this is one thing that you really should spend your time on. If you're looking for someone Jewish, that's great!

You are putting yourself out there for the world to see, so put your best foot forward! If someone uses "your" incorrectly, I don't assume carelessness; I assume stupidity. Don't, however, tell people not to bother contacting you if they're not. You can make your preferences known in other ways, either in the check-box questions that most sites ask or by saying something positive instead of negative: "I'm looking for the soup to my matzah ball."Anything over three paragraphs on a "traditional" online dating site like JDate is much too long. JSwipe), short and sweet -- and quirky -- is the key.

This is not a self-proclaimed title or one given because I completed a web-based certification course.

A writer, mother, dog lover, yoga enthusiast and foodie, Robinson gives dating advice based on firsthand experience in her award-winning blog, "1 Year of Online Dating at 50." Robinson calls it like she sees it -- the good, the bad, the painful and the disappointing.

Example: Things I'm good at: remembering which direction to light the menorah, making matzah pizza from scratch, inventing games during previously mentioned boring sermons and writing ridiculous JSwipe profiles If the stranger sitting next to you on the L might have been able to write the same exact profile, then it is too generic, and it's time to spice it up.

As bubbe would say, "You're not getting any younger, sweetheart!

That’s how he stumbled upon the Click Magnet Dating System, by leading online dating expert, Scott Valdez.

Scott Valdez, the Creator of the Click Magnet Dating System and Founder of Virtual Dating was stoked when he received an email from Blake talking about his Tinder discoveries.

Here's a portion of what the article states: "Melani Robinson is as real as it gets.

I was named one of the "Ten Best Online Dating Experts" by a leading dating advice website.

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Blake Jamieson locked himself in his house, determined to crack the “Tinder Code” and stop wasting hours on Tinder without getting real, solid results.

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