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“He came back a few minutes later with a small glass of water.He told me they ran out of crackers.” It was a sign of the bad news to follow.Now based in Vancouver, the Lethbridge-born, Calgary-area raised thespian was driving south to Los Angeles on Jan.28, planning to schmooze with as many industry types as possible.“I’ve come to tell you what to expect.” Cliff and Wilma Derksen had identified their daughter’s body at the hospital just hours earlier.They were in shock, reeling, but still they invited the man into the warmth of their kitchen and offered him the fresh cherry pie one of their friends had made. For two hours, the man recounted the things he had lost to murder.Rook, 30-years-old, is enjoying the kind of momentum actors dream about — or he was. “You just feel like all your freedom has been taken away — they really treat you like a criminal,” said Rook.

He was dressed in black and they recognized him from news coverage, though they couldn’t quite place it at the time.

When you make a purchase online with a card that uses Master Card's Secure Code features, you'll receive a notification on your phone to check your ID against your fingerprint or face profile.

Checking the fingerprint will use a fingerprint scanner already available on the i Phone and some Android phones.

Catherine Murchie, a senior vice president at Master Card, says the new biometric measures are designed to be both more secure and easier to use than traditional password security.

Fingerprint information is stored locally on the user's smartphone.

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He stood outside their house in the dark, in the cold.

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