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“No, I didn’t go out with her,” Rose told Page Six on Monday. You both have to like each other [on the app] and then you can start talking.” Rose also disclosed suitors looking to land bachelorettes have to impress with their opening line.

“Apparently you have to be crazy in the first message, you can’t be like, ‘Hey, how are you,’ that’s a no-no from what I understand. “I’m trying to live in the moment, but everybody gets anxiety about the future.” “Southern Charm” airs Mondays at 9 p.m.

One of the show's executive producers—and the mother of Whitney Sudler-Smith—Altschul became a breakout sensation known for her collection of Hermès Birkin bags, her gin martinis (made for her every day at 5pm by her butler Michael), and her witty one-liners.

She's the show's resident expert in decorum, manners, and entertaining, so we got her opinion on exactly how one should behave. I think that people have forgotten how to meet one another properly.

We count our success by the enormous number of connections, relationships, marriages, and children we’ve helped to create.It is a good one and has served me well." Are there any etiquette rules that should not be broken? Your time is important but other people's time is especially important when they have gone to the trouble to entertain you."What are the most glaring etiquette mistakes that you see? Have you ever had an entertaining or etiquette disaster yourself?I gave a Christmas party one year and I always take great pride in serving my Smithfield ham.When you meet somebody, it is always correct to say "How do you do? The rule used to be "Don't put your elbows on the table," but that is the least of it now. I don't know why people's perception of what is appropriate and what isn't has gotten blurred.My name is—" I have a trick that I will divulge: If I have forgotten somebody's name I'll say to them, "Tell me your name again," and they'll say "Tom," and I'll say "No, no, Tom, your last name." So it is like I knew their first name but [I didn't know] their last name. But I have had cocktail parties from 6pm to 8pm, and people have turned up at 8pm. Today, people have two i Phones on the table and maybe an i Pad on the seat next to them. I have asked people to put away their cell phones because there is nothing ruder than to sit with someone who is cutting their steak and then poking at their i Phone to look at their tweets. Social media is like an addiction and lot of people who would ordinarily be very thoughtful can just be disrespectful and thoughtless.

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